Tetsuharu Narita

Research associate – ESPCI Paristech, France

Short biography

Dr Tetsuharu Narita has obtained his PhD in Hokkaido University (Sapporo, Japan). After several years of postdoctoral works in Sapporo, Strasbourg, and Paris, we works in ESPCI (Paris, France) as research associate of the CNRS since 2003. Since 2016 he works also as associate professor of Hokkaido University.

Since his PhD work, Tetsuharu Narita has been working on physical chemistry and rheology of hydrogels. Specialized in dynamic properties of hydrogels, his research interest covers from macromolecular design of model hydrogel systems to their fracture mechanics. Actively using optical techniques, especially dynamic light scattering and microrheology, he characterizes the dynamics of polymer solutions and gels in a wide range of frequency and time.