Prof. Alessandro PEGORETTI “Department of Industrial Engineering Università di Trento (Italy)”
On the creep response of polymer nanocomposites

Prof. Leon GOVAERT “Faculty of Engineering Technology Eindhoven Technical University (The Netherlands)”
Challenges in the prediction of long-term failure in thermoplastic polymers and their composites: dealing with the inevitable

Prof. Tetsuharu NARITA “Soft Matter Science and Engineering Laboratory ESPCI Paristech, (France)”
Time-dependent elasticity of tough hydrogels having permanent and transient crosslinks

Prof. Takenobu SAKAI “Graduate school of science and engineering, Saitama University (Japan)” –  Knauss Award 2018
Molecular dynamics simulation of viscoelastic behavior of polypropylene

The conference will feature four keynote presentations by leading world-class experts in mechanics of advanced materials, polymer physics and mechanics.
The keynote lectures will provide an overview of the current hot topics and results in mechanics of time dependent materials, as well as of the future trends in both research and applications.
The conference will be organized as much as possible so that keynote presentations precede oral contributions focused on related topics.